Expert System for FDI of DC Motor Faults Using Structured Residuals Design Technique

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Sanja Antic
Vanja Luković
Željko Đurović


A major concern in many electrical drives is the reliability of sensors and actuators. In the paper, the usage of the Drools expert system (ES) for Fault detection and isolation (FDI) of the additive actuator and sensor DC Motor faults using the Structured residuals design technique (SRDT) is presented. The SRDT is used to obtain essential knowledge about the system. Afterward, an expert system that can isolate faults based on the developed structure matrix and generated residuals is designed. Accordingly, following the structure matrix each residual becomes able to answer to a desired subset of faults and stands insensitive to the others. The proposed method is successfully applied in an analyzed laboratory system and can be used for online FDI.

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